Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taking Stock

Fast week here...OT (thank goodness), good food, pokin' along...

Outside: Florida...near-record highs apparently, pretty gorgeous. Makes it harder to hate it here, but I manage...

Inside: biz touring today.

Wearing: my darn Eastland loafers are too large, hoping the new orthotics will help. Maybe some lamb's wool too?

Creating: did 12 rows on the cowl last night and managed to remedy a screw-up (I think), when my broken stitch marker fell off. It's for me, so I'm not overly bent if I didn't catch it exactly at the right spot, but I found I cared enough to try and get it right...about time I had some pride in my knitting for me. This weekend, different batches of muffins and cookies, and a lentil/sweet potato stew.

Reading: goodness, so much! I have 2 Gene Logsden books waiting on me @ the library, Clean Start and Clean Food arrived, and all my latest mags. My weekend is set!

Going: nowhere special...prayers that my MIL has a good visit with her SIL and that things stay OK at home. It's a horrible pressure-cooker there.

Have some OT to knock out Saturday, then we'll hit the dining area, sort and purge time. Hopefully. In between relaxing and cooking and enjoying life n' stuff...we've been eating better this week and it feels great, so I plan to make some meals ahead of time again. SUCH a difference having food and ideas at the ready like that.

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