Friday, March 02, 2012

Independence Days

So what do you do when you can't realistically grow things outside without it being an exercise in futility? You find another way, because to not grow stuff just won't do...

Not that I've found that way yet...just that I ain't giving up.

So I didn't get the promotion. Interestingly, I wasn't relieved or disappointed with the outcome. Can't decide if that means I really oughta try harder to improve myself, to further myself career-wise, because by not being disappointed, I'm only enabling my mediocrity. See, thing is though, I'm not a person who's overly concerned with "having a career." When it comes time to move, I'll be looking in my field, certainly, because that's where the bulk of my experience lies, but I also won't be disappointed if I have to try something completely new. So am I selling myself short by not being disappointed? Or do I just think too much?

So, still a HUGE work in progress on the Indy challenge...not a whole lot of actual effort occurring yet : (

Plant something: this weekend.

Harvest something: the menu plan concept this weekend

Preserve something: my sanity?

Waste not: recycling

Want not: finally stopped spending money willy-nilly

Eat the food: epic fail, lot of eating out this week

Build community systems: nada, but I've been a little more sociable (though my knitting pals would disagree), in light of the potential for bossdom earlier this week.

Skill up: this weekend....maybe I should start reporting this on Mondays, since those darn weekends are always so full of promise....

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