Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking Stock & Food for Thought

Turning over another leaf...

I'm sitting in the parking lot of KFC last night, waiting on dinner because we haven't planned any meals yet this week. I'm reading the 12 Steps of Overeaters Anonymous and chuckling to myself at the irony. Oh-ho-ho, I'm so clever.....until I realized I no longer saw humor in it.

This was coupled with the news that Paula Deen has dropped 2 pants sizes recently, thanks to portion control and exercise. Paula Deen...a woman whose obsession with butter borders on the disturbing.

Also coupled with the fact that while the tax return money has been burning a hole in my pocket (as evidenced by the number of pairs of shoes arriving in the mail that I've "invested" in), I've been looking at health books and thinking, don't spend the money, you already have the knowledge that's in them. And this from someone who never met a book she didn't want to buy.

What follows will read like some rationalizations, but I swear they aren't intentional cop-outs designed to give me an excuse to eat poorly. It's about preparation, which today I didn't perform. So lunchtime...wasn't in the mood for a Panera salad, so grabbed a half sub at Publix instead. Allowing myself this today, because we need to go food shopping. I'm well-aware I need to wean off the cold cuts and the soda that accompanied it. Today I allow myself the soda, because I'm recognizing how deprived I'll feel without some sweet (can't cold turkey a 40-year addiction, folks...I've got physical, chemical, and emotional blood sugar to reconcile with in this process), and it reminds me to purchase those Back to Nature juice pouches for my lunches. Yea, I'm rationalizing, but most of this lunch was about making better choices than normal. Like half sub vs. whole one and the ensuing discomfort that comes with it.

Then I look at the Baked Lays, and realize this will be my last bag of those for the foreseeable future. Why? Aren't they "healthy"? Yea, right...those delectable slices of dried potato also contain soy, sugar, and 3 different incarnations of corn. It's a friggin' poster child for why it's important to eat non-GMO products, because you just don't know what you're getting otherwise. I can't stand those corn sugar commercials that the food industry is desperately foisting on us lately, in a vain attempt to relieve themselves of some of the bad press...saying there's no difference between regular sugar and corn sugar. OK, true...but then why is it necessary to put regular sugar, corn sugar, maltose, fructose, and lordknowswhatelse into my store-bought granola bars? You're telling me there aren't other ways to attain sweetness....yea, nice try. Even if the corn wasn't genetically modified, my argument's valid. I'm so glad I finally get that. If it means reading every damn ingredient list before food passes my lips, then great - at least I'm going in with eyes open.

See, just writing about it here is making me want to make just oooooooone more purchase: Clean Start or Clean Food. Because Terry Walters does appear to provide excellent guidelines on how to get the hell off the processed food. So many vegetable-centric cookbooks contain flavors I need to ease into slowly...Kind Life for example, great resource, but I'm not a huge fan yet of Indian food or sauteeing bok choy and fennel with my kombu. But the Clean books by Terry have interesting recipes that I look forward to trying. Husby's a veggie guy, but he grew up eating them Southern-style...fry 'em up in fatback and where the hell's the cheese? So shaping the recipes to stuff we both might enjoy will take some effort. Should be a little easier though, because he's lost weight again, and with losing Dad to cancer, he's getting gung-ho about trying to eat healthier too.

So, now that I've bored you-all with food talk...

Outside: I can't complain. It would be unseemly. Florida shed the overcast this morning with the fog and is dumping obnoxiously beautiful warmth and sunshine all over us today. High 80ish. Feels nice.

Inside: vanilla...wouldn't mind knowing about the promotion so I can get on with my life...

Wearing: who gives a crap...think I'll ditch this topic...

Reading: see above reading material from KFC parking lot.

Creating: started a cowl, ignoring UFOs.

Going: out and about in town...OT, New Balance, the Y, Husby has a class on Saturday afternoon...

Hoping...I can get off my butt this weekend and make bread, granola, healthy meals and snacks.

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