Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mental floss...with an eclair


I miss New York-style eclairs. They're harder to come by down here.

I know, I know, how do I expect to ever lose the weight if I'm obsessed with bad food....? But you're listening to someone who tucked her Starbucks donut into her purse next to her copy of the 12 Steps of Overeaters Anonymous this morning, so obviously there's still some work to be done in this area...

Strange winter in Florida...surprised people aren't grouchier here. I certainly am. We've had overcast conditions for most of February, which while totally normal north of the Mason-Dixon line, is completely out of the ordinary down here. Considering how easy it is to get used to all the damn sunshine here, I'm surprised more people aren't heading up to bell towers by now.

Side note: lousy week to make a bell tower joke. My prayers and sympathy go out to the community of Chardon, Ohio.

I'm shopping for sneakers this week and contemplating a haircut. Trying my damnedest not to buy the other 2 pairs of shoes I have my eye on, until we've bought food this week and other sundries...pretty sure they'll need to wait til the next OT check, which thankfully has been getting offered again...shouldn't get my hopes up, though; if I get the job, I switch to salary, which may not be a good thing. Wish I knew what they were willing to pay for that dang position...I'd hate to have gone through the interview process and end up turning them down because there's a chance I could make more money where I'm at. Frustrating prospect, but possible...this company is nice to work for, but the pay is still below the industry norm. They get away with it by a combination of how we produce the sites (the assembly line nature of the biz) and the fact that we're located in Jacksonville, which isn't a real city and never will be. I hate not knowing...

So I have a dentist appointment today, a bird decided to crap rather gloriously all over my car this morning, and we're heading back into the 80s tomorrow...whinewhinewhine. Hate when I get like this.

I can feel us sliding in rut territory at home. Might be just me, but I'm having another "gods, but I hate where we live" moment. We're so in-between...and I've been mentioning to Husby that if by some fluke, it's just smarter to stay in Jax even longer than December (gods please help my sanity if that turns out to be the case!), then we're moving anyway, to a rental house. So I have trouble seeing the point in unpacking any of the current boxes in the place, except for the fact that it absolutely needs to occur again, so we can purge more STUFF! I'm just restless, and not crazy about how Section 8 the neighborhood's starting to feel. I guess I don't do well in limbo.

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