Monday, February 27, 2012

Regroup (and Independence Days Challenge)

I think I need this notepad for the weekends.

I have weekends where not much gets done. This was one of them.

And yes, I slacked on the Independence Days Challenge again, but in my defense, those interviews kinda sucked my brain dry. The first interview was Thursday with my boss, a VERY organized lady who I've known for years; and the 2nd interview on Friday was a panel with one guy I've known for years and 2 strangers (all directors within the company). The panel interview was actually easier, because gods bless them, they followed a script pretty strictly and I had ready-made answers in my head to quite a few of their questions. The first interview was tougher.

So now I wait. I'll be freaked, excited, and a little baffled if I get the job and a combo plate of disappointed and relieved if I don't...and I was really jazzed after that 2nd interview because I knew regardless, I'd done my best.

Worked a pinch of OT on Saturday, then relaxed. Saturday evening, the tax return arrived (hello friend!), so we went out Sunday to buy a new vacuum cleaner, bed sheets, and wiper blades. I'm stocking up on decent shoes and Husby's rifle shopping. So nice to have a little dough to work with.

Plant something: have to really rethink this category, because I was reminded this morning that the ducks STILL use our back porch as a stopping-off point and potential nesting area, the bastards.

Harvest something: myself, in those interviews this week.

Preserve something: nothing literal, but we did eat in even after discovering the tax return on Saturday night, because the food needed to be cooked. Baby steps.

Waste not: Took bins to recycling center. Old vacuum heading there too.

Want not: yea, epic fail, but everything we bought yesterday was needed...our old vacuum died like, 2 months ago, and with the cat's flea issues, it's not something we could go without any longer. All our sheets developed irreparable holes around the same time, the bastards, and wiper blades aren't something you can drag your feet on long in Florida...on my shoe purchases, I'm trying not to go nuts but the plain truth is I need shoes that will last me for years, so I'm trolling the web for sale prices and making investments.

Eat the food: heh...yea, really need to study these categories more. See "Preserve something". Also, eating Saturday's dinner as lunch leftovers today.

Build community systems: insert laugh track

Skill up: I wish...definitely need to study these more this week. Will keep my mind busy, maybe I won't spend the whole week worrying that I'll actually get the job...

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