Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taking Stock

Woke up this morning with no neck pain!!!

Outside: Overcast, almost warm. Bleh.

Inside: a touch noisy...they've been breaking down cubes and building 'em back up, to make room for more employees. Third floor is busting at the seams.

Wearing: beige slacks, sea green top, oxfords, awesome beige overshirt from Dad J.

Reading: not much this week...gotta renew/return a pile of library books, see where my interests are. Depending on how the interviews go, I may have to dive into Dad J's MBA texts this weekend, bone up on my business/management knowledge.

Creating: found a nice cowl pattern, and an earflap hat that's getting started as soon as I can buy the yarn with the tax return (to the detriment of all my current UFOs, of course).

Going: the recycling center. The pile's getting unruly.

Hoping...I'd like the QC Manager job. I'm pretty scared of failing, certainly, but I'm totally skilled for it and bored outta my skull. This position would give me some much-needed responsibility and a stronger role in communications. Since we got off front-facing phone work in QC, I've been a closet case...just let me do my work, don't bother me, I'm in my shell...doesn't make for the healthiest or most productive work relationships. And the company has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, so there are plenty of holes in the process that need plugging. I'm so ready for more of a role in making that happen.

Otherwise, Les is talking a bit more about his dad, which is good, and he's taking a Reiki class next week that will give him a bit of knowledge that should kick-start more study. I'm not eating right this week, but I'm thinking hard about what we can afford and where healthy and convenient need to meet at our house. Such a balancing act...realized it when I wanted to buy rice (for cooking), almond (for coffee, oatmeal), and cow's milk (for Les) this week and just couldn't justify the expense, not even for possible improved health. One day at a time.

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