Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Tuesday Brain Wanderings

Since my musings on Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be rather scatty/random, I actually grabbed my paperback Roget's just now to see if I could find a synonym for "random" that started with T, so I could be alliterative with my subject line.....further proving what a big ole grammar nerd I am. Alas, Roget's crapped out on me...

Quarter past noon and I'm finally awake....all hail coffee!

Been married almost 13 years now, and for a good chunk of those years, dear Husby has spent them on the couch, because his darn head/pain issues screw up his sleep patterns, or he gets dozing and forgets to come to bed. This means I've had the big king-size bed all to myself. Comfy, but lonely.

However, his time at the family house in SC on various beds and couches brought home to him just how godawfulfriggin' uncomfortable our couch is for sleeping, and he's been making an effort to hit the sack, in the actual bedroom, ever since. This makes me over-the-moon happy (sleeping together?! like a "real" married couple?! eeeeeeeeee!!!), but also means I usually nudge awake when he finally climbs in, and my brain turns on. I don't even mind that, or that he needs to drift off with the TV on...but I'm realizing it may mean a smidge less sleep for me until we both get used to the new arrangement. Hilarious that this is a new arrangement after 15 years of living together, but hey, it is what it is...and so long as those big brown eyes still greet me every morning, I'm happy.

I'm reacquainting myself with the concept of "to do" lists. Between interviewing for the manager position and dragging my feet on planting anything (because I don't want to start anything unless I can also spend the money on a mini-greenhouse set-up that will keep out the squirrels, feral ducks, and other critters that obtain access to my tiny porch, as well as shield it from the damn Western exposure), I was a little discouraged recently about how far off my little homestead still seems. But Jenna's been yelling at us quite a bit lately in a rather "Nike" tone of voice about how nothing's gonna get started until you, y'know, frickin START already!, so I brought the Backyard Homestead to work today to read on my lunch again and get my brain wheels turning...

Besides, the sense of accomplishment when you cross stuff off a "to do" list is so satisfying...I may not have fresh eggs or even a backyard yet, but I'm still on my way.

This was brought home to me early this past weekend as well, on a different topic. I've been wanting to get back into sewing, maybe quilting, maybe garments, maybe home decor stuff, who knows. I have 2 frickin' sewing machines collecting dust and quite a few books on the subject. But reading about quilting, you quickly become aware that that line of thought has its own language attached, and I realized I needed to re-educate myself, because with the exception of the occasional hem or patch job, I really haven't studied or performed sewing, oh, since my 7th grade Girl Scout sewing badge, for gosh sakes! So the idea would get set aside, again and again and again. Until my inner voice said, hey dummy, don't you already have books on the subject? Like The Sewing Bible, which is rather perfect for reacquainting oneself with the craft?

Pull from shelf, crack open, sigh, self-flaggellate some more, finally get reading...

Why is it that most often, WE are what's standing in our way...?

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