Monday, February 20, 2012


That's how the weekend looked. I had no idea how badly I needed it.

The TNT and USA networks aided and abetted my slackerism with the usual marathons, the Kindle got so much use on Saturday I'm pretty sure my continued neck ache is caused by Mah Jong, and I napped both days and was still tired at the end of the night. My body needed a recharge badly, and thanks to my Husby's enabling attitude (go relax! take a nap!), I did just that and feel better for it.

We Lyons' don't do relaxing well....always gotta be goinggoinggoing...the Energizer™ neurotic. But the kitchen still got tidied, the laundry still got done. There's a lesson there.

I completely blew off the Independence Days Challenge on Friday. Not going to make that a habit, but also not going to even try to record what, if anything, occured in that arena last week. My body was still going through the shingles recovery process, and my heart wasn't in much of anything. This week will be busy; I'm interviewing for a promotion so I doubt there will be much to report this Friday either...but I'm thinking with a clearer head this week and that's what counts.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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Donna said...

Sometimes a good recharge is just what's needed. Glad you got it!