Monday, January 23, 2012

The hard times

There won't be much to post this week. Everything is rather sad and scary, and we have no choice but to push through it.

Les stayed in SC, helping the family.

Dad J. has deteriorated markedly since Christmas. It's like hugging a skeleton. This isn't an exaggeration unfortunately; dude could get cast as an extra in a death camp flick. I pray they make efforts to get a feeding tube into him, because if this doesn't occur, I fear the starvation resulting from the cancer will kill him. If that happens, I also fear the family will fracture into several pieces for a while. They just won't be able to handle it, and as a result, some members will take it out on others. Even better is the fact that the family members whose relationships will fracture, live under the same roof. And all we can do is stand by and watch.

He's supposed to go to Charleston on Thursday to start a new medicine regimen. The unspoken worry is that he'll be too weak to handle whatever they throw at him.

I think I managed to catch tonsillitis over the weekend. Wonderful. If I can catch up on sleep and not get worse, the week still holds promise. I wanted to get back to eating healthy and work out a couple of times. We'll see how the energy level rallies.

I have new contacts and reading glasses. That's astigmatic contacts on top of reading glasses. This is disspiriting.

Say a prayer, light a candle.

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Alexa said...

Just remember that eating well and staying active will shorten the tonsillitis or at least help you fell less crappy while you're going through it.