Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's like survivor's guilt, being stuck here in FL working on mindless websites, while most of Les's fam is working hard to keep Dad alive and comfortable. I feel guilty that I'm not there, and I feel guilty for realizing that I've got the much easier task of toughing it out at home alone, just me and the cat. At least all that guilt distracts me from being lonely...the cold helps distract too (in my head, not the weather...frickin' weather's in the 70s this week...YUCK!!!). Trying for doc appt to get antibiotics if needed, because I have no business crossing the threshold in SC if I'm sick. Dad's way too ill for any more stray bugs.

At least I've figured out how to take the homeopathic stuff without poisoning myself...ColdCalm and Zicam are keeping the stuffy head at bay, which is bliss.

Finally hitting the grocery store after work today to stock up on healthy stuff...no more of this eating-out nonsense...

For Alexa, I hear ya...

And the requisite winter shot:

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