Monday, September 26, 2011

When Music Hurts

Josh Groban's February Song. Any decent version of Danny Boy (gods, i love the Internet!). Jud Strunk's Daisy A Day.

The beauty of the iPod is it helps long afternoons go by quicker at work. The curse is the gems I have on my playlists, that sneak up and stab me in the heart.

I literally couldn't listen to music for almost 3 years after Dad passed. It's probably why I can tolerate rap now, because I used it to ease back into music about a year ago...the lack of melodies were easier to handle somehow. Dad enjoyed music, and Lil Bro and I grew up listening to vinyl. The 'rents were pre-baby boomers, so I didn't know who the Beatles or the Doors were until 6th grade; but Dad had an ear for melody.

Daisy A Day was Dad's and my song...pretty sure I acquired the old 45 when we cleaned house. It's on my iPod with some gems by Josh, plenty of alternative and new age, and some great randoms, like songs from Emmet Otter or Bugsy Malone.

I have a friend from elementary school on FB, who just lost her dad to cancer. I want to tell her it gets easier, but I'm not even sure that's the truth. 4½ years later and it still sneaks up on me, and big meaty hands tear my heart in half. Whether it's a TV show or a glimpse of memory or a smell...

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