Friday, September 23, 2011

While Husby is gone...

...I'm going to get back on my health food kick, make green smoothies, munch on rice and beans, and juice up a storm.

...go to the Y or walk religiously.

...clean the house from top to bottom, vacuuming, scrubbing walls and surfaces, vacuuming again, scrubbing some more.

...give the cat a bath (that's not a euphemism, unfortunately; Girlfriend still has some serious miliary dermatitis issues) without the benefit of a kevlar suit.

...sigh repeatedly as I look around and find no one to pester. him nightly where we'll catch up on each other's days and say "I love you" approximately 14 times.

...make lists.


Had an interview today for a training position with my company. Went well. Hard to read people via video conference, but I'm confident. As I said to my boss, if I don't get the job, it won't be because I pooched the first interview.

Autumnal equinox...I adore this time of year. Just wish my state had the season.

Image shamelessly ripped off from HarpaJ's blog. I'm officially in love with Iceland and have placed it on my bucket list of places to visit after I a) win the lottery, b) have nailed massive royalty checks from the publishing of my various novels, or c) retired in relative comfort with my Husby, chickens, dogs, and sheep...

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