Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mundane update to a pokey lil week

Made an appointment for Fig on Friday...poor cat's miserable and tearing herself up. Prayers that it doesn't cost too much and we can still make rent. I'm almost worried they'll accuse us of animal neglect. Put a vegetarian body cream on her worst spots last night and it seemed to help, and I'll baby her the rest of the week with TLC, lap time, and light brushing. Hope it's what I think it is (feline miliary dermatitis) and they can prescribe steroids and an antihistamine to improve her condition.

Turns out she's just like a normal cat in terms of water hatred. Figaro loves bathtubs, which is a little odd, since she spent the first 8 weeks of her life trapped in one (initial owner wasn't the greatest). Tried placing her in the kitchen sink with just a bit of water at the bottom to start, and it was an instant, splayed-arms-and-legs scramble as she tried to crawl from my shoulder up across my back. No scratches for my trouble, thankfully (though she did nail me the previous night...in Husby's absence, she has decided to climb on the bedroom TV when I'm dead asleep, and there was a scramble when I kicked her ass off there)...so I calmed her down, wet down her head and shoulders just a bit, and then took her to the couch where I spoke to her in soothing tones and she submitted to a good 15 minutes of brushing and light man-handling so I could get a clear picture of how bad the scabbing was. Poor thing, she's miserable and not eating much. So I decided then and there that I'd call today and get an appointment with the folks Mom took Chloe to. We lost Jordan before his time; I'll be damned if I'll let our financial difficulties injure Fig further.

When we're scraping from paycheck to paycheck like we currently are, it feels irresponsible to even be trying for small humans; but with my age and health issues, we're just out of options. I've always been one to "make it work", regardless of road blocks and responsible planning...so I refuse to feel guilty for wanting to bring a small human into our tenuous situation.

I've fallen off the healthy food wagon, but I'm trying to hold onto the books that helped me so much that first week and reread them until stuff truly sinks in.

The evenings are delicious...I really should hang in the living room more, when there's nothing on TV that interests me. That big chair we have is heavenly. I've been knitting Cozy or reading, and taking my meals there, using the ottoman as a table. Missing my guy, but not sending myself into a hard depression like last time. Tonight's laundry and NCIS/NCIS:LA. Domestic bliss.

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