Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Taking Health for Granted

The most ridiculous subject line...and yet, so frequent. How can we ignore the very thing that keeps us on this earth? Why do we wait until something gives.....and then still not get the message?

Sidenote: We may not get a real autumn here in Florida, but I think the web can keep the ache I experience at this loss at bay.

Dad J.: Still in holding pattern.

Grandma H.: Back in hospital, this time with sepsis. Another holding pattern. Gods bless her, she just turned 91...and she's getting tired of being ill so frequently. Hard to know what to pray for.

Husby: Enjoying either a flare-up of his diverticulosis or it's his body's way of telling him that he can't take aspirin products anymore.

Cat: Skin seems better, but she's got a grooming disorder now (and a bald belly, which is worrysome but also damn cute).

Me: I'm having an ultrasound Thursday to confirm everything's OK in the female plumbing department. Still twingy down there, which gets me thinking all kinds of things that I really should just chill about, because there's no use working myself up over what's probably nothing, but hey, at least it's justifying the ultrasound to confirm everything's all right down there...hopefully...but what if....repeat.

Also, I'm ignoring what's either a bone spur or a stress fracture in my right foot, because the pain's infrequent and we simply don't have the dough for me to go get it checked right now. Shitty way to live, I know.

And of course, there's the fact that I'm carrying an entire extra person on my body in the form of flab. And that Paxil doesn't always work on my depression. It still works, don't get me wrong; and that's good in itself when you take into account how long I've been on it (lots of folks develop tolerance)...but there's always days where it's just too hard to fight the little black cloud. Which is why nothing got accomplished on Saturday this past weekend. I'm pretty OK with that though. It happens. There's always tomorrow. Geez, I sound like Scarlett O'Hara. And trust me, I ain't a "fiddle-dee-dee" kind of gal.

So, yet again, the question is, what's it gonna take for me to change? Pondering this and other big, fat, furry questions this week.....

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