Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Musings

Three-day weekend. I'm kind of over the moon about that. It's got my wheels turning. That full-of-promise feeling I get before a weekend. We're staying in town and can't spend money, so it gives us plenty of quality time to either tackle projects or lay around feeling sorry for ourselves. I'm determined not to let the latter prevail.

Seeing pictures and stories about the aftermath of Irene has me thinking about what I'd like in a house. Things like a gas or wood-burning stove, a small generator.....and a bathtub clean enough to not mind filling with extra water should the need arise. If we're stuck in that apartment 1 more year, the least I can do is continue to make it not just liveable, but a pleasant place to be. I'm working with a bit of a handicap, because Les keeps so much of it dark; but there's still plenty I can do.

Grandma's out of the hospital and on the mend. Dad's in a holding pattern. My belly pain earlier in the week might have been a product of my PCOS. Nothing to be concerned about probably, but a good reminder that plenty of things regarding my health are within my control. Getting an ultrasound next week to be sure everything's copacetic down there.

Sidenote: there's something wrong with a country's health plan, when you're asking your doctor/ARNP if you have enough symptoms to request a diagnostic test, so that the insurance will cover it without issue. Given my personal and family history, I should be able to get an ultrasound once a year if I damn well want it, but alas...

I'm so glad it's September. Not looking forward to my birthday at all, which is fine, because we can't afford to spend any money on me anyway. Instead I'm looking forward to fall, baking things with apples and pumpkin, doing some canning, making meals in the crockpot...Gods, I love this time of year!

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