Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking Stock

A little off this week...not much to report...

Outside: blue sky, white clouds, grey sky, black clouds...can't make up its mind.

Inside: a little warm and none too exciting.

Wearing: jeans, sandals, gigantic shirt that would be cute if it wasn't a size fashioned by Omar the Tent Maker, but it's so comfy, I have trouble seeing that it's totally unflattering and continue wearing it everywhere with a rather blind stubbornness.

Reading: Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. First time reading Wheel of Time series.

Creating: snickerdoodles, not much else...will dig into the UFOs for a knitty get-together with friends this weekend.

Going: NOWHERE! Taking time to just be, and not travel...can't afford it right now anyway.

Hoping: Lots of stuff. Going to the doc myself tomorrow, hoping all's well there. Hoping Dad J. continues to heal. Hoping a college friend who totaled his car this week continues to heal. Hoping a grade school friend whose father is fading from cancer, gets plenty of quality time with him in these next hard days. Hoping I make enough to cover the damn rent.

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