Monday, September 12, 2011

A New, Crunchy Green Leaf

Not for much longer.

Roseanne: "We have to go on a diet."
Darlene: "Great...that means we'll have roast chicken for the next 3 nights and then return to reality."
~ Paraphrased from Roseanne

I was naughty on my birthday (big ole Publix sub for dinner), but I refuse to berate myself over it, because it tasted really damn good and hey, it was my birthday! On the weekend, I fared much better in spite of our diminishing cabinet fodder...stuck to salads and beans/rice on Saturday, flagged slightly on Sunday night (mainly because we are low on green stuff). Today's been good, and between eating right and exercising in the morning, my energy level is over the moon! Lil Sis and I iChat throughout the day, and my chirpy perkiness is starting to grate : )

Went to the Y Saturday and today, and did the beginnings of a Tai Chi workout last night. It was so funny...I was battling monkey mind, couldn't settle down, was done with computer for the night and had accomplished a rather large task, that of clearing away the crap in the dining room so I'd have a workspace (yay!)...but didn't feel like knitting and there was zilch on TV...and it was late enough where my brain had bagged the idea of exercising that day. Which was silly, I realized, so I put in this Tai Chi VHS tape, that I'm pretty sure my Dad bought after some doctor told him to decrease his stress level. I started working the beginner stuff, and HOLY COW, the knee and upper leg work that goes into that ridiculously serene looking martial art! (We'll gloss over the fact that I'm so overweight, of course the initial stuff would be hard.) I only learned the first 5 basic positions, got done, and thought to myself, wow, my knees are gonna hate me in the morning.

The good news is they weren't too bitchy today, just a little achy, so I decreased my cardio by a mile today so that I wouldn't be overdoing it, but kept the speed up on the blankety-blank treadmill, so that I was workin'/sweatin' the ole bod. Was walking out of the Y this morning and the delicious thought that I didn't have to work out after work now, kept a smile on my face all the way home.

Another delicious discovery: making time for yourself. Today was my first day working out in the morning. I shifted my work schedule just a half hour later so I could do the Y in the mornings without rushing. I got home, showered, fixed lunch and breakfast, and had 45 minutes to chill, read a little, eat breakfast at home instead of at my desk (I know! radical concept!) and I kept the blasted TV OFF! Went to work so crazy relaxed, I actually noticed the difference in the was Monday and I didn't feel bleary eyed, tired, and ornery.

I'm reading Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet and Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet (first link is to their websites, 2nd link to their books on Amazon)....and I have a feeling I'm going to be vegan by the end of 'em. Not going cold turkey on anything, there's still some cheese and milk sneaking in (and the aforementioned coffee...yes, coffee's vegetarian, but it causes inflammation in a big way by itself, never mind the white sugar and milk I load into it normally), and I'll need to round things out more so that I don't end up depleting myself of basic vitamins; but that research is forthcoming and the eating so far has been interesting and enjoyable. And some choices, I think, get easier when faced with the alternative...for example, drinking my decaf coffee with almond milk and agave nectar? The flavor difference may not be worth the effort.

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