Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Stock

The new obsession. Asheville, NC. I'll idealize it in my head until I see it this fall, and then we'll really talk about where the heck we wanna move to. Hoping to get us up there in October to go apple picking and explore.

Outside: August. Florida. Nuf said.

Inside: Short attention span theater.

Wearing: comfy-est pants on the planet. Sandals. Oversized shirt.

Reading: Poisonwood Bible again. I'm a little fascinated lately by the anti-feminist rhetoric of fundamental Baptist sects.

Creating: holding pattern...unless you count a slightly more organized house.

Going: SC this weekend...Dad J and Sis-in-law's birthdays. Say a prayer that the car AC doesn't cost us an arm and a leg on Friday.

Hoping: that we can get said AC fixed without it raping my paycheck, that Dad J continues to improve. That I can keep exercising every other day. That I'm able to plant the herbs and tomatoes on the back porch. That...

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