Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking Stock

One day runs into the next. We're trying not to travel for the next month. Prayers that Grandma and Dad J.'s health allow this. G'ma's in the hospital with pneumonia; Dad's still trucking along toward hopeful remission.

Hurricane Irene isn't even going to grace us with her presence here in Florida, unless you're a surfer; and Virginia/DC had an earthquake this week. The world's pissed, folks; quit hurting her.

In that vein, I'm heading back to a more vegetarian diet, well, lacto-ovo anyway...can't imagine giving up my dairy, though I am cutting back on eggs b/c of the cholesterol. I'm 1 month away from my cardio appt and my health is likely worse than the last one. Two frustrating things I'm learning about eating and living healthier: it really is more expensive, so purchases must be done with care; and label reading is a MUST. I went shampoo shopping in my local health food store, and quickly realized there's no point paying twice as much for shampoo that isn't organic or non-GMO and still contains plenty of alcohols and petroleum products. Or the products that claim to be soy-free, but then have canola oils in if rapeseed is any less genetically modified than your average soybean. Totally chaps my ass that companies think we won't read labels and they can get away with that shit.....and of course, thanks to our latent consumerism, they can and do get away with it. Well, not this chickie...

So I said the hell with it and I'm going to try no-poo for a month; baking soda shampoo and vinegar/tea tree conditioner. It's a real gamble considering how very much hair I have, but I'm willing to work with it. I so want to make my "footprint" smaller...I'm reading about permaculture again and thinking about planting on the porch. Baby steps.

Outside: sun showers, courtesy of Irene.

Inside: back to normal...yesterday was hilarious. One of the server batteries caught fire and it took hours for the computers to function normally afterward.

Wearing: best slacks on the planet, short-sleeved sweater that will annoy me by end of day, and clogs...we're biz cashz today for tours with the suits of the company we just absorbed.

Reading: Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (starting the Wheel of Time series), Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and the September Vogue/aka Fashion's Bible.

Creating: yea,'s been a scattered week. Will be baking up a storm for a friend's b'day party Saturday night, trying to decide what to make...may try my hand at something vegan, so they can partake as well as the party-goers...

Going: no further than Orangedale for the party and the recycling center on Philips hopefully...


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