Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taking Stock

Wasn't I just here? Too much going on in my head, won't bore you with the rambling...check out NC Moving if you're desperate for info.

Outside: steamy.

Inside: boring.

Wearing: as little as possible. It's wet wool blanket time in Florida, where you step outside and want nothing more than to turn right around and go back indoors, unless you've just drank massive amounts of water and have an adequate head covering....

Reading: NC brochures/magazines

Creating: lists

Going: nowhere this weekend, thank goodness...our car A/C is being quite lazy, and there's no money to fix it : (

Hoping: credit card approval comes in, I can figure out where in the hell I want to move us, and my friend D recovers quickly from her accident. Our stock continuing to rise would be nice too.

Image from here.

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