Friday, August 12, 2011

Dawn Breaks

Snitched the photo title too, as my subject line. It's rather appropriate.

The dream's not dead. I just had to hit the snooze button again.

I should be more disappointed. As I wrote in NC Moving, I honestly thought I'd get approved for the credit card. My bankruptcy has been discharged and we only have 2 big yucks and 2 small yucks on the ole credit. But one of those big yucks is from another credit card company way back when, and until that one is discharged, I could be looking at more brick walls.

Some very good things came out of this latest failure. I signed up for a thing at BofA that allows me to, for a negligible fee, access my credit score and report whenever I want, so I can track its improvement. I realized I really want to take a good look at Asheville, because if I'm being honest with myself, I'd rather live in that size and type of community than the massiveness of Charlotte. I'm definitely getting my wheels turning and motor running on several projects, from writing to container planting to refinishing those cabinets to cleaning to purging our stuff. And I'm going to actually budget: create a plan and timeline. It's not nearly enough to just give myself the deadline of when the lease runs out. Even if Les finds work or gets accepted for SS disability, it'll take time to save money and I'm finally figuring out it ain't gonna fall from the sky. One good thing is that we are very close to done with our car payments. When we finish with those, I'll start saving toward a secured credit card, to build the credit back up, bit by bit.

I made it back to the Y last night, and the difference today is posture, my mood, everything. I don't expect to lose all the weight I've gained before my cardio appointment in September, but I'll be damned if I'm going to him with the same bloodwork numbers. So I'm back off the fast food, taking my supplements, trying to eat more focus on me is back. Thank gods. Happy Friday!

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