Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peanut Butter Pie

Husby and niece, circa Christmas 2007. Takes my breath away.

I wasn't familiar with Jennifer's blog before today; I may have happened across it at some point, but I can have blog ADD at times. But I checked out Heather's post today, and then Shauna's, and I was moved to tears. You'd think after Dad, I'd remember how precious life is, but we humans are easily distracted by shiny objects, until your earth is shattered or that of someone else's, and you remember just how important it is to live authentically.

Naturally, it brings home a host of other issues with me. I couldn't make peanut butter pie today if I wanted to. We don't have all the ingredients, and whatever's left in the account is going to bounce against my Y membership on Monday. That isn't a responsible way to live. Then there's the fact that I got my credit scores finally from that BofA thing, and they're worse than I thought. I need to try and remedy one or two errors, but most of it's legit; and that doesn't exactly bode well toward getting us to NC anytime soon. I'm finally understanding that dreaming it doesn't make it happen. And reading a post like the above ones only punctuates the amount of time we've already wasted, no children, no home...

Husby snores periodically on the couch while I type this. His noisy cartoons go on in my left ear, but I think he'd probably wake up if I went remote-rooting. I adore him.

Hug your loved ones, people! And then get to work!

P.S. Husby's an Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie guy actually. He's so getting one once I get paid.

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