Monday, June 06, 2011

Ungrumpy Monday

I really don't know what to make of this upturn in spirits. Not questioning it, of course, just realizing how I spent the last couple of months just slogging through life.

Saturday was early errands and then I hit the boxes. Discovered the "corner of doom" wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, though it also meant not nearly enough was going to get purged. We own piles of board games for our's, and hopefully our children's, future enjoyment, that in a house, will go in a closet, but for now, are relegated to boxes. There's also CDs and VHS tapes that will go in a future entertainment center. While the VHS tapes are certainly falling to the wayside, the fact is that we still have players for them, so they aren't obsolete under our roof yet; heck, our stereo even has cassette decks! Do people even buy stereos anymore? So while we recognize the digital age is upon us, we're not ready to go whole-hog digi just yet...we need backup systems/flash drives in place at the least, first, before we can purge some of that stuff. So there's more boxes. Also, two boxes of Dad stuff from like, the garage, that I know I'll use in a house. And I didn't even realize our Christmas tree was back there. So I pared down a box or two, assessed the others, and placed Les's stuff within reach so he could organize and purge...which in a spurt of energy, he did on Sunday.

Sunday we did Bob Evans, came back and organized some more, and then relaxed. Taking the time to relax and not self-flaggelate over it...has been refreshing, to say the least. I read, played, job hunted. The job hunting was depressing on Saturday (my field is narrowing a bit in Charlotte for open positions in my field...I've applied for most that I'm qualified for and heard nothing), but I expanded the search to the whole state on Sunday and submitted quite a few more apps. This week will be follow-up on those, because I have to find ways around the painfully anonymous process of applying for jobs now...send in an email with resume, don't call us, we'll call you. It's perfect for a closet case like myself, but ain't going to get me hired anywhere unless I light a fire under my own and some future employer's butts!

Positive energy please, in two directions today: my father-in-law, who's have some gall bladder issues; and the firefighters in NE Florida/SE Georgia as they contain the wildfires in our area.

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