Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Taking Stock

God in heaven, why can't we learn lessons in life without the pain?

This post is likely going to OD on "perspective," so be warned.

My husband is the gentlest human being on the planet. The second gentlest is his father. Who just found out he has cancer.

We're going up to visit this weekend. I won't be surprised if Les stays up there. It's an option, to help out, since he's still not working, and won't be until we move. The age range in that house is from 4 to 90, and there just aren't enough able hands.

Prayers and healing energy please.

Outside: Hot with a fragrant breeze.

Inside: suddenly unacceptable.

Wearing: new sandals that are miraculously comfortable and who the hell cares what else...

Reading: Jan Karon's In the Company of Others. Extraordinary, Exquisite, and a couple of other E words! I thank the gods I didn't lose the taste for her books after I went pagan. The woman's getting a thank-you note and I'm giving Home to Holly Springs another try.

Creating: nothing to report

Going: see paragraph 4

Hoping: Dad can start a positive, forward-thinking treatment right away (he sees an oncologist tomorrow), and I can stay strong for those who need me.

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