Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is why I'm superstitious!

Made that crack about how forest fire season hasn't been bad yet this year on my blog post yesterday...about 6 PM last night, I could smell the smoke from inside my office building and the air was thick with it when I left.

Doesn't hold a candle to Alabama's tragedy, of course...which brings up why I think social media isn't a bad thing. I stalk people on Facebook, because I care about them. It could be as simple as wondering what happened to that person from elementary school or as complex as wanting an extra rein on my besties...I like having ties with people. Funny considering how antisocial I consider myself to be...

I had two besties in high school, K and M. K I've stayed in touch with, M I lost touch with quite a few years back...and she was an amazing person, so I always think of her when I'm procrastinating and then not sending Christmas cards. All I know is she lives outside all I can do is pray. I'm sure she's fine, but the not knowing sucks.

I listen to NPR on the way into work this morning and hear about the number of dead in the wake of the storms...and then it segues to Libya and the number of dead from a recent bombing there. And I wonder how in the world we are able to take life so un-seriously when it could all be gone in an instant...

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