Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking Stock

Wow. Damnedest thing. Didn't eat chocolate last night before bed. Woke up today with no headache and clearer thought processes. The clouds have seriously fucking parted here. We'll bypass the rant where I rail about how I can't learn a lesson until it's beaten into my aching head with a fucking sledgehammer.

Outside: 80s, mild breeze, threat of rain later that won't come...haven't seen a lot of forest fire activity this spring, thank goodness. Drove through a bank of smoke near the I-95/295 interchange one day last week, but otherwise...prayers to those folks in AL/GA who are currently in their bathtubs waiting for the tornados and scratching their heads as to how summer came so quickly this year...

Inside: the guys who annoyed the crap out of me have all but moved from this area to other responsibilities. Order has been restored to Melanie's universe.

Wearing: my emo outfit...jeans, Docs, and a black top with a drapey neck...was trying to explain emo to Husby and realized I'm not sure what it means...told him I feel like I should be drinking espresso in a coffee bar and smoking clove cigarettes in this outfit, and he started snapping his fingers like a beat poet...I was like, EXACTLY! :)

Yes, I know we're special, why do you ask?

Creating: yea, OK, this is the most normal I've felt in weeks, you think I've been knitting?! I did shore up my energy and make shepherd's pie last night, which should last us a night or two and make life easier. I'm working OT today, Friday, and Saturday, and have a medical test on Thursday after work, and was beyond tired of the "I don't know, what do you want for dinner?" conversation that occurs every damn night at 5 PM. And I'm off fast food and we're saving for the move, so it's def time to rearrange and stock the freezer again.

Reading: Made from Scratch by Jenna...v...e...r...y...slowly, both to savor the ideas inside it and because I've been busy as a one-armed paper hanger lately...

Going: NOWHERE! Turtling, cleaning, organizing......yea, OK, I lied, we'll likely hit Chamblin's this weekend to empty the car trunk...came back from SC a couple of weeks ago with 9 bags of booty for that place :)

Hoping: I hear back from the NC employment nibble this week, that things are completely clear on that medical test, and that I can get apartment stuff accomplished this weekend.

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