Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday

  There's somethin' about a Friday. I'm working a pinch of OT tonight, 4 hours tomorrow, and have been given access to work to my heart's content from home if desired, but the fact that it's Friday still blows my skirt up.

Did not wake up at O-dark-thirty to catch the "I do's" but am curious about her dress and their titles n' stuff. Cuz I'm sorry, but I think you have to be a little dead inside to not care a whit about how those two motherless boys have turned out. How incredibly weird their lives must be, how much they have to live with and up to...can you even imagine being a newlywed in that sitch? "Right, good show, another receiving line, man, I wanna get her dress off..."

Perhaps I'm a tad crude, but c'mon folks! They're going to have to honeymoon on the dark side of the moon to get any privacy.

Mom's moving into her new place as I write this, the lucky stiff. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work from home this weekend and next week. It will give me a good sense of the conditions I can work under and what conditions would need to change if that was a viable option. I'm reasonably sure I can't make enough to live on with my company's delightful remote contract (they do NOT pay fairly in that department), but I want it to be a part-time option when we move.

Sidebar: My check wasn't as high as I expected this pay period, because I forgot that they pay PTO out at our base rate, which is a good $5 to $7 per hour less than my gross. I really would like to know how that's legal. Then again, we've also been told in the past that it's illegal to work both in-house and remotely at the same time, so me thinks any argument I could pose would fall on a brick wall, because they obviously know all the loopholes in the system...

OK, enough of that rant...looking ahead to nice weather, some organizing, and getting back to walking and the Y in spite of my knee. Damn thing takes one step forward and two steps back in recovering, which makes me wonder if I've finally slipped into a more chronic level of the arthritis. Whatever, I'm researching on the Arthritis Foundation website, watching my calories, and signed up for the Heart Walk in September. Wanted to do Arthritis Walk, but it's already past, and the Charlotte one occurs before we move. So if you're flush with tax money and looking for a good cause, toss me an email and I'll let you know how you can donate.

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