Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rambling Tuesday

I think, if we ever renew our vows, I will carry a bouquet of chamomile flowers and lavender.

And now, on to other seemingly random topics...

Bringing a bookshelf and 1 box up from the car after working at Mom's Sunday, seems to have given our apartment the final shove into horrendously cluttered. I could've left the bookshelf for Mom to move up, but why make her store it, just because we don't have the room? She's already moving the drill press up for us, gods bless her, so that we won't have to; we'll take possession of that (and likely, Dad's rolling tool chest) once we move to Charlotte too. But it's good that we have that bookshelf...it's a symbol of sorts. It's a small one, will be perfect for a stash of books in a bedroom, like my knitting or pagan stuff. We'll need to buy at least 3 or 4 good-sized bookcases when we move, so it's also a symbol reminding me of some of what we're moving toward.

The box was an unexpected goldmine...I thought Les would find the slide projector neat, but his face lit up as he explored the original steam tables and slide rules that Dad had, some of which were probably handed down from Poppy and thus date in the early-mid 20th century. Dad learned engineering practically before calculators, and he wasn't as book smart as he wanted to be, so he had all kinds of tools for calculating the nitty-gritty of pump equipment functions (Dad worked in the pulp and paper industry). I'd also forgotten Mom did secretarial work for Poppy too, back in the day...found a letter requesting several copies of a particular table that she'd typed for him.

We discovered a leak under the kitchen sink on Saturday. Wasn't a surprise, just a nasty inconvenience, complete with standing water and probably more than a little mold. We've lived in that godawful apartment for 12 years now; we've been through several management companies in that time who exercise various levels of maintenance, and it's falling apart at the seams. By some miracle, the guy who came to assess the craptastic situation under the sink (the last guy thought jerry-rigging ill-fitting pipes and adding duct tape would do the job)...REPLACED the garbage disposal and all the pipes and said he'd be back today with fresh wood for where the old has basically rotted away in the cabinet. After we were revived from the shock of actual maintenance occurring, we took turns using the garbage disposal, as it's been years since that sucker's been functional. I'm not a huge fan of disposals, would rather have a compost heap; but for city life, it'll do.

Thinking of boxing up the PS2 again...pretty sure I can do other things in the time suckage that I've been indulging in with that thing...

We're working our way back to eating at home...I'm making a broccoli-cauliflower souffle tonight to use the organic stuff that's been languishing in our crisper for the better part of a month. I'm determined to keep the savings account money where it is, but have a feeling that little things, like getting my bangs cleaned up, may snitch a bit from it down the road. Plus, Les's birthday is coming up, but I'd already planned on throwing cash into dinner at a crab house for him. No clue what to get him, present-wise yet...

If this post is any indication, I'm having trouble with attention span at work again...they put me back in QC, so my mind wanders, but it has the feeling of a good week here. I'll get back to the Y tomorrow night. I'm trying to make lists. I'm testing different postures and walking barefoot a bit on purpose, seeing how my body reacts, which brings small sorenesses that I think will prove helpful down the road.

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