Monday, April 18, 2011

The good news is...

I stayed outta the not-quite-there place this weekend.

Not quite sure how it happened either...just made a pinch of effort to remain present. I stopped work a bit early on Friday, because I could tell my brain had shut down. Then I got a full 8 hours of sleep before hitting the OT on Saturday, and didn't have to go to Mom's until Sunday, so somewhere in there, I managed to relax. And the work we did Sunday at her place was good, got my muscles waking up and saying, "what the hell...?!" So that this morning, I was sore, but good sore, and I'm in a good place going into this week. Getting some doc appts taken care of this week, will hit the Y a couple of times, and I'm researching minimalist footwear (like Vibram Five Fingers, but not so pricey), seeing if it's even feasible for flat-footed folks like myself. Yes, I know I should get a podiatrist's opinion; we'll see how it goes.

My brain is shooting ahead once again, thinking of organizing and the move. I managed to acquire a few more items from Mom's (I swear I'm not a hoarder!) it's really time to figure out what's staying and what's going...Mom moves next Monday, and this year's picking up speed.

Read a disgusting article about what goes into fast food french fries and I think I'm FINALLY off fast food. There are 2 exceptions: Chipotle and Five Guys, and Five Guys is only going to be for when I'm really craving red meat. Hey, it's a start! Meantime, we def have to start eating at home more again. I placed a nice chunk of the latest paycheck right into savings, and I'm going to see how well we do on what we used to live on.

Trying to plow thru library books, but keep getting distracted by Jenna's Chick Days. That's a good thing; it's a delightful beginner's look at raising chickens, and a different take than Ashley's Keeping Chickens, so that I'll be happy having both of these on my shelf someday and not feel like there are redundancies.

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