Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Monday

Whew! Mom's on her way.

The days run together when you're negotiating a move, even more so I think, when the move isn't yours. I know I went over to Mom's after work on Wednesday for some reason and after work Thursday for some reason, and then there was the retirement party at her work on Friday. We got the evening off after that, because Meara had come into town and there wasn't much to get started on just then. I'm glad for that time off, because the next two days ran together pretty fiercely. My body just isn't used to that level of physical labor and it was yet another delightful wake-up call. Couple that with receiving my blood work back from the lab and seeing in black and white the areas where I need to improve my health, and I'm looking on things with new eyes, as soon as they stop crossing from all the activity, that is.

The retirement party was delightful; she was totally surprised! She was expecting Meara to be there, but certainly not me, Les, and Cyril; and there was cake, punch, and a lovely pass-the-hat gift from her gang.

We packed Saturday and Sunday, gathering up loose ends, consolidating, recognizing that point where stuff needs to go into a box and you're quickly running out of boxes, so you improvise...good practice for something that could be here before I know it. I got a teeny nibble from one of my first potential employment searches last week; we'll see how it pans out. Meantime, my right knee is a mess, the apartment is a disaster as usual, and it's finally time to look forward to our own move for real. If I can just remember to breathe...

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