Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taking Stock

How is it midweek again already? Not quite out of that slump, it appears...the days are still running together; I could be eating better, and my wind-down time in the evenings is not spent knitting or reading or thinking, but rather playing Mah Jong on the PS2 until I'm too tired to see straight.

We're heading to the wilds of South Carolina to visit the inlaws, a trip that brings feelings of anticipatory trepidation. It's a pressure cooker there, and I hold my tongue as well as I can. We're there to visit, but we become de facto babysitters. It's one of those "of course, I want to play with my niece, but has anyone told you you're a fucking useless parent...." situations. Heh, so much for my promise to hold my tongue about them on this blog. I sincerely hope I can sneak off Sunday morning for a quick hike in Hitchcock Woods, or at least a walk around the neighborhood. Should be warm, but pleasant, and I ache to spend time outdoors. Keeps the claustrophobia at bay, and gives the niece fresh air. I also ache to be able to drive further north on a hunting mission...will be dropping hints that future visits this year will be stopovers on our way to Charlotte to educate ourselves on laying down new roots there.

Outside: starting to sweat more...bought a new sun shade for the car...will only pack one sweater for the evenings up in SC...

Inside: It's my 2nd straight day of copywriting. It was a friendly, non-negotiable order. Copywriters do NOT get paid well enough at my company, and the justification of our assembly-line system pales in its strengths against our back-breakingly heavy present queues. I pray the queues are high enough for QC OT next week. That money's been a godsend.

Wearing: jeans, blue sneaks, gray top...pretty slouchy look for me, but it's my Friday, so I had trouble mustering fashion enthusiasm...besides, we need to do laundry.

Creating: um, yea, what was the question? Haven't touched anything this week, but will bring at least a sock and Cozy up to SC...

Reading: Farm City by Novella Carpenter. Will bring a couple of other library gems up to SC as well for distraction purposes. And my Buddhist mags for centering.

Going: see second paragraph...

Hoping: I don't tell anyone to grow the fuck up this weekend and take responsibility for their own fucking lives and the lives of their children.

Breathe in.....breathe out.....

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Chiot's Run said...

UGH, I know what you mean about the in-laws. I have the same issues, thankfully Mr Chiots is as annoyed by them as possible and we live close enough to pop in for a few hours a few times a year. Sometimes it's tough to set boundaries with family members that try to take advantage of you!

Hope you enjoy your weekend and get to get out and hike and get some sun, sometimes that can make the difference between sanity and a complete breakdown (at least for me).