Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taking Stock

Erin go bragh and slainte! Rather than focus on a saint who likely is credited with chasing the pagans out of Ireland, I just enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day "because I'm friggin' Irish, dang it!" I remember Dad wistfully today; he was very proud of his Irish heritage. Pretty sure he was 100%, while Mom's a mix of Mic, Brit, and German. Besides, I'm living proof that St. Pat didn't succeed, so the heck with him.

I've been kind of out of it the last 2 weeks or so. Rather than delve deeply into the causes, I'm going to just concentrate on digging myself out. Can't blame it all on Alli, though there's definitely been some deep thought occurring as a result of her passing. But it's also Springtime and apartment clutter and fear and a mishmash of other emotions, combined with OT, scattering my brain. So enough already!

We need the OT. It's damn sweet having the dough to buy little things and still get the bills paid. It's sweet having a savings account with actual money in it. So in spite of Husby's grumbling, I grab at it greedily. It can only help us down the road, and it won't always be there. He only grumbles out of guilt anyway, and because he misses me when I'm not at home, so his heart's in the right place, even if his head won't let him be as productive as I. Even though this week it requires more work, requires me to brush up on my copywriting...I'm looking at that as an opportunity, because lord knows I need to stay fresh in that arena; as it's where I'll be focusing my initial job searches in Charlotte. It just figures that when my company is FINALLY in a position of strength, that I'm positioning to get the hell out. Timing is everything to Murphy.

So my weekend will be truncated by work, but I refuse to let it slam me down. I haven't been doing yoga at home yet, but I wasn't as sore this week after my weight training, so I only took one day off, going back to Y tonight. It's in my head though, the yoga, some meditation, some assessment of our surroundings, rather than just tearing into it like a whirling dervish. We still have plenty of time, so I may as well stay organized. Yes, I am a Virgo, why do you ask?

Outside: it's Florida again, 40s in the evenings if we're lucky, 70s to 80s during the day. It's impossible to stay grumpy about the weather when you live in paradise, but I still resent the hell out of it this weekend, when I'll be sweating water weight while Mom and Lil Sis gallavant around Charlotte with the windows open...

Inside: oddly warm and fairly green...lot of St. Pat's celebrants. And the HR team works hard to celebrate holidays around here since we've gotten so big...there's an ice cream float with my name on it down at the commissary later : )

Wearing: Jeans, flats, green shirt...been rocking the jeans lately, just in a jeans mood. Always the tomboy...

Reading: Death Du Jour by Kathy Reichs...the magazines from last week...

Creating: unearthed Cozy from the UFO pile and am focusing on it for now....also rocked a decent meatloaf last night.

Going: Mom's for laundry, work on Saturday, otherwise just cleaningcleaningcleaning...

I pray for clarity this weekend.

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