Monday, February 28, 2011

With dreams of a "normal" Spring...

Temps are sneaking up into the 80s during the day here, and aren't dropping low enough at night. Stepping outside to do laundry last night, I was cognizant of the non-change in the temperature between apartment and landing. Makes me will the electric bill next month, now that we're back to running the damn AC 24/7. Keeps me moving forward in my thinking.....February almost down, hitting 7 months to go.....I always act like it's time to get cracking, but now it'll start taking on a subjective urgency.

The landscape is doing the Spring thing, at least...the maples exploded in white blossoms last week, and my drive to work was streaked with magenta as the azaleas put on a show. That brings me up a bit, that and the new jeans I wore to work today...and the way my muscles feel after another beating at the Y yesterday. I'm glad I went back to weights; it's definitely necessary, and I swear it seems like my body builds muscle faster than it burns fat. I'm sure that's backwards, but hey, whatever gets my self-image rising, right?

Happy Monday, y'all!

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