Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking Stock

Wish I was there.

Outside: it's a GD FL travel brochure...75F, breezy...I'm wearing clothes too dark for this weather, nearly roasted in them going out to lunch.

Inside: Miraculously quiet...we'll see how long it lasts.

Wearing: fave black top, green pants, black flats...dreaming of jeans though. My work dress code is relaxed biz casual, which means you can get away with about everything except bare midriffs and wifebeaters. They even allow flip-flops now. I'll never feel comfortable wearing those to work (something about the noise they make.....and my age.....and my weird flat feet......and.....), but I need some more jeans, b/c one of my two precious pairs self-destructed last weekend from years of use and became cut-offs I can't wear in public.

I would look classy today, if I'd bothered to put foundation on...I'm wearing beautiful earrings and my hair's in a bun; but my Irish ruddy skin takes away from the effect, I fear...

"It wasn't vanity that made her act this way; it was self-respect."
~ Come a Stranger, Cynthia Voigt

Reading: Shifting away from Bob Greene's new book, because I'm pretty sure I can get what I need out of The Best Life Diet (which I already own) with one caveat: gotta actually read the damn thing all the way through and absorb its contents. I know, radical stuff...

Pulled out 206 Bones, because believe it or not, that's light reading for me. I got the Gardens Alive catalog in the mail yesterday, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about the prospect of container gardening weighed against a rather squirrelly cat (during the seeding process), uncooperative neighborhood ducks (once the plants are on the porch), and an 8-month window of mass consolidation before exodus...still, if I don't at least try some herbs, the crave to put my hands in the dirt is going to send me 'round the bend! This weather is bringing the Barnheart front and center. I'm pricing small, portable greenhouse-type stuff...wish I could put electric fence out there >:) That'd show the little bastards...

Creating: I'm between projects. Downloaded a pile of free PDFs from Interweave and hope to snag Spring Knits and the latest Knitscene, as they both had projects that caught my eye. Will be casting on SOMETHING this weekend.

Going: nowhere's an errands and organizing weekend. Mom's visiting my godparents in Clearwater.

Weights at the Y tonight; cardio tomorrow. The PT exercises I did yesterday have my knees feeling creaky, but stronger; my spirit is buoyed by this discovery and I'll be adding more careful squats and step-leg lifts to my regimen. Thinking of adding 2 big changes to my morning routine: blow drying or styling my unruly mop and taking a walk...will keep all 6½ of you posted : )

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