Thursday, February 03, 2011

Taking Stock

Wish I was there :)

Outside: rain, rain, and more's quite weird how Floridians get conditioned to weather at particular times of the year...feels very strange having rain like this when it's not hurricane season. Perhaps the gods are getting me used to the idea of real seasons again, so NC won't be a shock.

Inside/Wearing: chilly...glad I'm wearing a sweater. My winter uniform consists of pullover sweaters and slacks or jeans, and I've barely been out of my boots since buying them this year. They probably make me look a little dumpy, but they're really too comfy for me to give a damn.

Creating: Started another hat with Soulemama's pattern (third time's the charm?), using worsted virgin wool. Learning that I need to modify hat patterns to fit my oversized head...I'll be adding several rows to her pattern before starting the crown this time.

Reading: oh, it's a mix...discovered Jon Katz and Sharon Astyk this week, and I want to transpose a healthy amount of Integrative Nutrition before giving it back next week, because we're watching pennies again so I'm feeling too frugal to buy it.

Going: Some friends are having a get-together again, bring your yarn and treats, on Saturday...then more cleaning/organizing on Sunday.

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