Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Brain meandering...

Removing gluten and dairy from my diet would be a lot easier if I wasn't addicted to oh, bread, cookies, pie, cake, ice cream, milk, most forms of cheese, milk chocolate...did I mention bread? oh, I did......how 'bout milk?

Thankfully, this isn't for some urgent health reason...well, unless you count the fact that your average medical doctor would consider me a heart attack waiting to happen, if my heart hadn't already gotten the clean bill (though there's also enough material in my head for a post about how my superstitious nature is not looking forward to 42, because that was the year of my dad's first aortic dissection...). But I outgrew my milk allergy approximately 30 years ago, and I don't have celiac. My candida issues aren't even really chronic. I'm recognizing though, where I overeat and how my body feels after I eat those foods, and others (we won't go into the Greek tragedy that is an Irish girl realizing she really shouldn't eat white potatoes, like ever...or at least until her butt stops resembling a sack of them...). And I'm recognizing that if I ever want to lose this weight, then significant change needs to occur in my food lifestyle (trying not to call it a diet, because that word comes with the automatic failure button attached).

Sidebar: is it even possible/realistic/fair for women to have to combat eating lousy on the first day of the monthly fun? Isn't that the one day that women should be able to toss aside convention and let themselves do whatever the hell they want to, because the alternatives involve deprivation, epic mood swings, plotting revenge on imaginary enemies, and the fetal position....? I realize I just made the argument for women never making it into the Oval Office, but it can't be helped...my endocrine system is writing this post. And yes, I realize bad foods may contribute to the symptoms of PMS...just don't EVEN try to convince me of that on day one.....talk to the hand.....moving on.....

I'm studying my exercise options this week as well. I want to spend several days a week at the Y, but I'm also realizing that pigeonholing my workouts into mainly cardio could be making my knee worse. So I'm studying alternative therapies, my old PT exercises, and yoga, while also looking at the weight-training regimen I started out with. I hope to blend all these activities into a fitness plan.

I think this is a long way around my dreaming up a wellness plan for this year (thanks to Melinda for the jump-start). I have the big goals...I see myself at 175# again. I'd love to do another 2 or 3 day walk for breast cancer and actually complete the blasted thing (I've said before what a twisted blessing and disappointment it was that the NY 2002 3-Day was shafted after the first day...I was nowhere near in shape for the darn thing). I'd love to bike places instead of drive. I have a full life planned, either with children, animals, or both, and I'll need to be healthy and fit to keep up with them. But I continue to not lose weight, because I'm not eating properly; and I'm recognizing that by setting smaller goals and keeping them, I'll develop the much-needed patience with myself to stay the hell off the scale and just concentrate on getting healthy.

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