Monday, January 31, 2011

Back on track?

I know, I know, shouldn't put the question mark up there...but just being honest. I'm back on track, but it's a balance beam...pretty easy for my large arse to sway one way or the other. And my knee's still being a little bitch...

That pic is the downside to green smoothies...oxidation. Say it with me: OX-EEE-DAY-SHUN. It's where a pretty purple smoothie containing almond milk, blueberries, banana, agave nectar, and kale is rather quickly transformed into something with the color and consistency of septic sludge. Tasted quite delicious, and I'm glad I stole the idea of carrying it in a mason jar, because it makes it easy to give it a shake to redistribute things.....but lord, it was ugly! Also, still need to blend 'em a little more, because toward the end there, it was like drinking applesauce.

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