Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taking Stock

Outside: Cool, annoyingly sunny

Inside: I'm a little inside myself today, have no opinion on my interior environment. It's work...think Office Space with different TPS reports. (Evidently going through a slightly apathetic phase...AKA meh...)

Wearing: a slate blue sweater, black pants, black boots...pretty sure I've had the sweater since college...damn!

Creating: Soulemama's hat in white Encore (this one WILL fit!). Also planning to paw through my stash for some of my laceweight that'll work for the Simple Pleasures hat. I've got laceweight up the wazoo, but haven't touched the stuff since abandoning the SSS almost 4 years ago...weird the phases we knitters go through...

Reading: Rereading Integrative Nutrition and probably breaking down and buying it and its companion journal this week...I'm backsliding this week, and the immediacy of the symptoms that result from that backsliding are striking. Low energy, mood shifts, apathy...Right now I'm just feeling bad about myself for doing so (I was doing SO well last week, what the hell happened this week? blahblahblah...gotta love the mental messages we allow to run through the ole brainpan), but the rally is imminent. Also reading Brene Brown, so I can work on ridding my brain of the italicized nonsense you just read.

Going: NOWHERE! Too much to do at home (and DH is joining in, when he can...SUCH a relief!)

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