Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food, Mood, and Other Tuesday Topics

I don't care how posed that pic looks...it relaxes me.

The cool thing about waking up in a foul mood, is there's nowhere to go but up.

Last evening was prickly...wasn't in the mood for dinner, wasn't in the mood for laundry or dishes, couldn't get interested in anything much. Les and I mirror each other, so he was chatty as hell, which got on my nerves but I managed not to take it out on him, I think...The dinner I did create was overcooked, way too heavy, and acidic. It's pretty easy to retrace my food steps throughout the day and find some other contributing culprits (gods bless my DH and his "because it's Monday" frappuccino splurge, but I have to tell him no more of those suckers)....and what's funny is compared to how I usually eat, the way I'm eating currently can still be seen as improvement. So my good decisions now are illuminating the chinks in my plan, because when poor decisions occur, my body tells me quickly. I'm heartened by this, see it as my body responding negatively in a positive manner. Sounds a bit backwards though, huh?

Larabars are saving my butt...Sunday's errands were performed with only a green smoothie in my system, but I received my giveaway package from Larabar last week and had 2 of those little gems in my purse. Today, I'm brainstorming for where to eat out while I curb my physical hunger with another one.

I can't wrap my mind around a cleanse per se. I get that Clean is a notch better than the old soup diets and juice fasts (got the book out of the library this past weekend), but I also know my body, so I'm hoping to steal some ideas from that program while keeping true to 3 squares.

If I can't afford to attend IIN, you can bet I'll be reading everything I can get my hands on regarding their curriculum in the meantime.

See the Taco Bell story? I rarely eat from there even before swearing off fast food, but this story totally gave me the willies anyway...gotta remember to send the link to DH.

Did grab a few more songs off of iTunes last night, and I'm bringing my iPod to workout with tonight...will need to stay more present in spite of the distraction, as my knees are always questionable; but I think it'll make the workout a pinch easier.

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