Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Just peeking over the side today. Not much to report. Weather sunny and cold, so I'm happy. Work is a bear. So's today's image :) My brain is filled with thoughts of the move....prayers that my stock options continue to climb, because whatever I pull from those means less money being pulled from the 401(k) to finance the move......what I'm going to do for a job......how badly we need to keep downsizing in the apartment.....the evenings get away from me so damn easily.....tonight already feels like a wash, because I'll hit the Y after work and then do laundry.......but that doesn't mean I can't hit the closet or a box in between. Really need to stay the hell off the computer in the evenings...

Les still pitching in when he can....I almost want to cry with relief.

I'm fighting yeast and caffeine withdrawal headaches with yogurt and Advil. Eating habits about half and half these days, good and bad. Sticking to biking at Y for now and talking myself back into swimming.

The tax return came already; most of it went right into savings until we get off our butts and take the car in for service.

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