Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Taking Stock

Blankety-blank photo editor isn't working for me.....

Wednesday, glorious Wednesday! Weather still sunny and cool. Mood has turned, thank goodness! Last week or so have been bleh, but today I'm back and rarin' to go. Updated most of my other blogs, and the brainpan is on overdrive. Looking forward to Y's been too long...

Outside: Mostly sunny, 50s...I can't understand how Yankees can be tired of winter, but then I start really thinking/remembering about what it's like to live in the white stuff, and I empathize.

Inside: Cool, sterile, boring...

Wearing: the winter pullover, black pants, black's in a bun.

Structural Yoga

The Dogs of Bedlam Farm

The World Beneath

A Nation of Farmers

Food Rules

...and some other neat stuff, and just finished Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) ... an absolutely delightful guilty pleasure!

Creating: Lists, lists, and more lists as my brain starts really negotiating what's needed to pull off the move this year...oh, and I'm knitting that wool hat and some new scarves too...

Going: To Goodwill, to recycling center, maybe to Chamblin's...chippingchipping away at the apartment...

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