Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Dream vs. Reality

We all live inside our heads in various ways. I've been doing it since I was a tween. Back then, it was moving toward the ivy-covered walls of some institution of higher learning. I was going to take all the courses I wanted, because in my head, having to pay money to go to college wasn't an issue when I was a kid. No, we weren't rich; I just didn't clue into the fact that college cost serious dough back then, and that I (not my parents) would be somehow responsible for that debt. Thank goodness I'm finally shifting to the unschooling mentality a bit, because I still want to learn so damn much in this life, but I sure don't see having the dough to do it according to society's dictates.

Nowadays I'm inside my head about the move. Once I get us up there, my head will shift to finding our little patch of land. Between now and then is research; training myself in gardening, animal husbandry, finding our comfort zones in how we want to give back to the earth and feed ourselves. Pushing as much of reality into the dreams as possible, so I can have an accurate and learned grasp of what we're capable.

I just finished The Dirty Life by Kristen Kimball. Really decent accounting of the hard-core, very-little-sleep, nose-to-grindstone work of a beginner farm. While I have zero desire to go as large as they did fresh out of the gate, it was still a clear picture of the serious work required every. single. day. to run a farm. Those of us who read Cold Antler with a wistful gleam in our eyes while toiling away on "city" work tend to bypass the fact that Jenna's happiness hinges in part, on rolling out of bed when it's still dark and postponing meals until the animals are fed.

It's important that reality overlap the dreams. This post made me laugh, while also understanding that it's completely literal and absolutely needs to be taken seriously.

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