Thursday, November 11, 2010

Such gifts

I need to buy a new belt this weekend. The old one's almost too big.

There aren't enough cool adjectives for how I feel about that.

It's a two-notcher, so would be kind of a pain in the arse to modify it myself. It was an $8 cheapee from evil big box store, so I'm not bent about it...won't be spending money on leather belts until my waist is more the size of 1 person. Still, damn fine predicament to find myself in.

Hoping to swim tonight...going to pop home, clean the kitchen, throw some chicken in the oven, and then hit the then, the class in the pool should be done, and the lap lanes hopefully light, people-wise.

If that's not feasible, I'll bring workout clothes and hit the elliptical again...been exercising pain management (taking Advil before bed), and the lack of pain I'm experiencing in the mornings is empowering as hell.

The weekend stretches before me, full of promise as usual. Mom's been given the go-ahead for next week's surgery (she was afraid it would be a no-go because she's had a cold this week), and Thanksgiving is creeping up on us. I haven't done a lot of thinking about the holidays yet, other than to appreciate the sentiment, so hoping to start some projects this weekend.

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