Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pensive contentment

Sent this one to my Lil Sis and she thought they were moose antlers, not angel wings :) I like her idea better.

I'm taking a fresh look at the holidays this year. I don't know if we'll put up the tree...it's been years since we've done that (too much trouble, going to SC anyway, blah, blah...) and we don't really have the room unless some serious purging occurs in the next few weeks. But then again, why shouldn't some serious purging occur? No point in using Mom's surgery as an excuse, as Lil Sis is going to be home during quite a bit of her key recovery time. That's a blessing I haven't even fully grasped yet...it's going to keep my head screwed on a bit straighter as we plow into Thanksgiving.

But I actually want to put up the tree this year. I want to make construction paper garland (because I have that on hand, whereas popcorn/cranberries would cost money) and sift through our ornaments, see if what we have in any way translates to how I/we wish to view the holiday.

Did buy the new belt and it fits perfectly, but Sunday's bad eating choices mean I need a day or two for it to fit comfortably. My tummy muscles are still pissed at me about Sunday's workout...did a full circuit of weights, plus a cross-training program on the elliptical that was a little hilarious...I'm not the most coordinated person in the world, and telling me mid-workout to pedal backwards had me giggling before the endorphins even kicked in. I'm loving the elliptical though...I don't run out of breath, I sweat a ton, and feel fantastic during and afterward. Took last night off b/c my bod needed it, and there's no way I'll work out Thursday (Mom's surgery), but it's a habit that gets a slot in my busy days whenever possible now, and damn, that feels good!

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