Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking Stock/Things I'm Liking Right Now...

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Outside: Supposed to hit high 70s today, but not minding it quite so much since the early mornings and late evenings are's a delicious respite.

Inside: Way too much energy in this bod to be sitting on my butt...a delightful byproduct of regular exercise, I'm guessing. I'll take it.

Wearing: black highwaters, short-sleeved sweater (not the most flattering, but really comfy), black half back, bangs framing face.

Creating: the ever-present MIL sock and lists for the holidays.

Reading: Animal Dreams has half my attention...kind of busy-distracted right now...

Going: Sticking to home this weekend, plenty to do.....maybe get some early holiday baking done, those "quick" breads freeze beautifully...we'll see.

Hoping: Mom's cold doesn't delay her surgery and I can get apartment stuff accomplished this weekend.


My renewed motivation at the Y is giving me energy and a fresh outlook. Weird, because I didn't think I was in a slump or plateau...tend to think of plateau as being when you stop losing weight for a pinch, but since I hadn't lost any weight yet.....anyhoo, realizing that I do have the strength and energy to handle the elliptical at the Y has been a huge shot in the arm for my fitness regimen. Funny how you can let a machine intimidate you...but then again, back in June I wouldn't have lasted 3 minutes on the thing...had to do some building-up first. Yay, me!


Things I'm liking right now:
  • Coffee
  • The possibility that I've outgrown my aspartame allergy...yea, yea, it's another processed-to-death chemical food, but if it'll keep me off regular Coke and other junk foods while I transition to healthy, it's a plus.
  • The elliptical
  • Tumblr
  • Kashi Chewy Granola Bars
  • Law & Order: UK.....totally filling the hole left by L&O Original
  • Thinking about the holidays...not the where-the-hell's-the-money-gonna-come-from holidays, but rather the holly-berries-snow-on-the-ground-crisp-air-hot-cocoa-warm-fire-giving-of-yourself holidays...
Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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