Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes, my inlaws' computer is new and shiny and fast, but thanks to the requirements of keeping a quite-manipulative-and-currently-in-a-contradictory-phase 4-year-old occupied, I never even got near the sucker.

Probably not a bad thing. But we're home (aahhhhhhh...) and settling in and I decide to hop onto the silly, brain-sucking box to get it out of the way, so I can chill the rest of the evening, unpack, watch an old House, and do something with my nails, which were quite neglected on this very sweaty weekend (I am officially tired of August and if it doesn't become September soon and bring with it at least a 10-degree drop in temperatures, I'm going to pitch a hissy)...

I go to jump on Daily Mile to log my wimpy weekend workouts (4 hours of power shopping with MIL, 2 days of running after small person while sweating more than I drank), and I can't log into Facebook. Hmm...must be a Daily Mile glitch. So I go to log onto Facebook...and it's down.

::GASP!!:: WTF!?!?! Facebook's NEVER down! I've got farms to plow and peeps to check in on and it's been 3 days and.....yeah, I need a bigger break from the computer, huh?

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Mooner said...

Facebook's been down a solid hour now, people are going crazy all over Twitter about it! Amazing how much the site has become a part of everyone's daily lives.