Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thursday stuff

I'm not wearing my beads today, because the stain on them has been weeping onto my skin and I don't want to mess up the nice white shirt I'm wearing ... which means instead of being attached to the material possession of the beads, I'm too attached to the shirt. Finding a balance with this buddhism stuff is a head-scratcher...

My hair likes my new shampoo. Just wish this windfall hadn't been purchased at the evil big-box store.

If you can spare a buck or three and know what Barnheart feels like, please visit Cold Antler to find out how to donate to Heartsong Farms, or check out Crystal's etsy shop. I can't imagine being foreclosed on with 5 kids; my head would explode. Looking forward to grabbing her apron pattern when I get paid tomorrow.

Did a half hour on the treadmill last night...wanted to swim today, but the pool's pretty crowded til like 7 p.m., and I'm thinking that getting things ready for SC will put my head in a better place. I've taken to doing laundry before we go rather than lugging it up there, and that helps my scattyness too.

The inlaws upgraded to a fresh computer with DSL, so I might actually get computer time this weekend. Normally I go completely offline, because they were still using AOL dial-up (GAH!) if they'd just build a Starbucks on their side of town, I'd be in the pink...Aiken has 1 Starbucks, and it's buried in the local Kroger across town. I know! How do those people live?!

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