Friday, August 06, 2010

Random ... and TGIWeekend!

Gonzo: Whoa...that was spooky.
Rizzo: Spooky?! I'm somewhere between bed wetting and a near-death experience!
~ Muppet Treasure Island

Not sure why I have that on the brain...except that there are 2 Muppet TI songs on my iPod. Love that little device. Tomorrow I'm getting my iTunes fixed...watched Life as a House last night, had a good cry, and realized I want the entire well as almost everything from the movie Rent, several current hip-hop selections, and a handful of free e-books. Need to catch up on my Garrison Keillor too...

Kurt: "Why do I have to be attracted to the dumb jock type? I mean, he's cheating off someone who thinks the square root of 4 is rainbows..."
~ Glee

My company solidified a rather large merger this week. Increases our business substantially and puts us seriously in debt. Meanwhile, work has almost completely dried up in the last month, and they have Career Opportunity signs out on the streets. Maybe I'm not meant to understand big business, but I'm getting a little worried again. I'd be up a serious creek without locomotion if I lost my job here. It's time to do some budgeting and projecting for the rest of the year.

Hitting farmer's market with Mom tomorrow, making an effort to hit the Y both days this weekend...otherwise, working on the house. Finally looking at knitting patterns again...may purchase the new issue of Knitcircus, it's a goldmine...also there's a pretty coat in Twist Collective I have my eye on. Feels really good to be interested in making stuff again :)

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