Friday, July 09, 2010

Toasty Friday

Willpower sucks...not the concept, but the act of it. How the frick am I supposed to eat healthy when there's recipes and pictures out there like this sucker?! Not fair at all :(

No point in bitching about the weather...everyone else in the nation is standing around too, sweating, going dear lord, where's the sweet tea? We Floridians should be just ho-hum about it. I actually am...was walking from building to car to building yesterday just enjoying how the warmth felt on my head, on my skin. I don't feel the humidity lately. Gotta be the lighter clothes and lighter spirit.

Something really weird happened this morning. Fridays for me mean jeans and sneaks. We can wear 'em any old day at my work, but I try to save 'em for Fridays and usually I look forward to wearing them. But this morning, couldn't bring myself to wear them...they were too heavy, too bell-bottomed, couldn't get them to work with my coordinating footwear. Realized I would be much more comfortable wearing one of my new pairs of highwaters with a blouse. Tomboy style takes another hit.

Busy weekend ahead, lots of cleaning, craft fair with Mom, Native Sun run for fresh veggies, hopefully Costco on Sunday to finally take advantage of the free membership I won a while back. Meara hooked me on Vitamin Water Zero and I'm anxious to see if I can buy it in bulk. Since I can't eat/drink Aspartame (Equal...I'm allergic), I'm always on the lookout for "diet" stuff that uses Splenda or Stevia. Hilarious that with all the crap that they offer at one of those warehouse places, that I'm hoping for Vitamin Water. Happy Friday, y'all!

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