Thursday, July 08, 2010

Still in a funny little fog

My brain is somewhere between Charlotte and Jax, between where I am, where I'm wanting to be, and what I need to accomplish to get there. I'm reading Being Upright and trying my hand at taking all that and living in the present. It's an interesting juggling act.

We drove home Sunday, went straight through from Charlotte to Jax. We called his sis in Columbia to see if we could meet up, but she couldn't figure out where to meet us that wasn't out of the way for the both of us, and she was still half-asleep, so we acknowledged that we were blowing each other off and kept going. We avoided Aiken (his folks) altogether, because we wanted to get home to the if I didn't get back to a place that involved my sneakers, I was going to go 'round the bend. I was tired of walking funny from the pain. No, make that shredded. Absolutely loved being there; so, so hope I helped, but dear god, do I need to get in shape and retard the progression of this arthritis!

Just dawned on me...wonder if the change in sea level was a factor. I haven't had pain like that since Nanie's funeral in CT, when I blamed it on the snow. Hmm...

Weather here is definitely July in Florida...Weather Channel is threatening 100F tomorrow, and that's without taking the heat index into account. Yeesh!

Meara starts her new job today. I'm so flippin' happy for her :)

Glee, Mr. Schue, Sue Sylvester, Rachel, and Kurt all got Emmy noms. Sweet!

My first pepper is a bust (blossom rot from feast-or-famine watering, I think), and my first tomatoes are a lost cause. I've planted a second tomato that by some miracle is shooting, and I have herbs started in the biggest pot, in spite of the fact that the ducks tried to lay their last nest right in the soil, causing me to chase them away and try to reshape the soil by hand...figured those seeds were sunk, but nature took over while we were away last weekend. I righted my duck deterrent (had the screen door in a fallen position over my porch and by some miracle, they got the message), and this weekend, I'll reorganize. I'm thinking the table has to go and the stuff that isn't getting used needs to be stored inside, because Lil Sis and I found some porch chairs for her porch at the evil big box store last weekend that fit my highly critical criteria (they're cheap and fit my big butt) I'm hoping to turn my porch into a place where we can actually hang out this weekend. I'd love to take my coffee there in the mornings.

I need to clean the kitchen tonight and stay the hell off the computer. Started my latest round of to-do lists. Can't wait for the weekend.

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